Time and Travel


This section is a mixture of standard and house rules to help with time progression and travel.

Action Duration Notes
Short Rest 5 minutes Not factored into time progression
Extended Rest 6 hours Only once every 12 hours. If interrupted, add interruption time to duration
Half Day’s Travel 6 hours 5 hours of travel plus 1 hour miscellaneous
Full Day’s Travel 12 hours 10 hours of travel plus 2 hours miscellaneous
City Travel-District 15 minutes Travel from one neighborhood to another
City Travel-Special Special Travel through unique city requirements
City Shopping 30 minutes Shopping only
City Conversation 1 hour Includes all conversation interactions
City Dining 1 hour Includes all dining conversation
Combat/Explore – Small 30 minutes Roughly 1/2 graph paper (interior only)
Combat/Explore – Large 1 hour Roughly 1 full graph paper (interior only)
Combat/Explore – Land 1 hour Doubles travel time for hex
Combat/Explore – Special Special Unique Combat/Explore Requirements
  • City Conversation includes shopping time if you are doing so in a business.

1) Karrock wants to travel from one section of town to another to purchase equipment, then head back to his original district for a meal with his party. The store is 1 neighborhood over.
Travel to neighborhood: 15min
Shopping: 30min
Travel back: 15min
Dinner: 1hour
Total: 2 hrs

2) The party returns to town and decides to report their updates to the king, then snoop around the docks for clues. The king is in the same neighborhood but the docks are two districts away.
Travel to King: 0min
Talk to King: 1hour
Travel to Docks: 30min
Streetwise in Docks: 1 hour
Total: 2.5 hours

Action Formula Sample Speed Sample Distance
Walk (Speed x 1)=squares 5 5 squares
Run (Speed +2)=squares 5 7 squares
Minute’s Travel (Speed x 10)=miles per minute 10 100 feet per minute
Hour’s Travel (Speed x 5)/10 =miles per hour 10 5 miles per hour
Day’s Travel (Speed x 5)=miles per day 10 50 miles per day
  • Note: Some types of terrain will add additional detractors to distance traveled.

Time and Travel

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