Felicity Fingers

“An elven maiden; dextrous hands
her eyes toward father’s unlaid plans
pockets untold gems and gold
to hide amid her shadowed folds
and plot against Sembian lands.”

“The goliath bears a wicked grin
arms corded round both shield and axe
which brush away his foes attacks
to separate their neck from chin
and carry heads home to his kin.”

“With arrow knocked on mighty bow
the hunter releases killing blow
abandoned tiefling – orphaned birth
cast down to stalk the under-earth
and wonder whence his own roots flow.”

“From the Feywild realm, the eladrin came
Infused with lore of pox and curse
to bath the lands in hellish bursts
of infernal master’s smoke and flame
and shroud true secrets of his name”
Mushi Stormscale

“The dragonborn on high does sing
praise to he, Lord Platinum King
to mend both broken bone and wound
or calming words for bickered room
and vengeance unto slaver’s ring”

“Inside cursed bottle’s prison wall
the shifter broods in sullen rage
and pines reprieve from glassy cage
so furred claws may bend nature’s call
and prove his worth to one and all”

Mug Bearers of the Oaken Table 4e

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